Quantum Age - A Leader in Test and Measurement Systems

Quantum Age Tech Solutions (USA) designs and develops special purpose test and measurement systems based on customer requirements. We also offer ready-to-use systems for noise and vibration measurement applications. Our expertise in developing easy-to-use software interfaces coupled with underlying high-speed multi-channel data acquisition hardware enables us in delivering solutions that solve challenging test and measurement problems in a cost-effective manner and delight our customers.

We offer test and measurement solutions based on heterogeneous hardware platforms integrated based on customer requirements and software developed based on National Instrument(NI)’s LabVIEW platform. We augment LabVIEW with our own C++ libraries and Python for specific application needs. We provide ready-to-use application software designed and packaged to deliver systems that the customer wants to have. We interface our software applications with Siemens PLCs where required for machine control applications coupled with data acquisition requirements. We provide software as licensed to use, packaged to install and run on the hardware platform that we supply.

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