What are the differences between SIMATIC IOT2050 and IOT2050 Advance?

SIMATIC IOT2050 is an IOT Gateway from Siemens that is currently available in two variations. Unless you sift through the technical data-sheet with a fine tooth comb, it may be hard to figure out from the title description on Siemens Mall as to how the two units are different and which one should you choose for your needs. We are trying to make this simple. Here is a summary of key differences, and is by no means, an exhaustive list of the differences between the two units. 

Let us start with the basics. Key differences are, on-board memory, processor type and speed, number of slots on the board for add-on modules, etc. Here is a summary table that will help you quickly identify the key differences in the two models so you can choose the correct part for your needs. 

 IOT2050  IOT2050 Advance
6ES7647-0BA00-0YA2  6ES7647-0BA00-1YA2
Dual Core ARM Processor Quad Core ARM Processor
No Storage 16GB eMMC
No Pre-installed OS Siemens Industrial OS
Number of Digital I/O 20/20 Number of Digital I/O 20/20
Analog Inputs 0 Analog Inputs 6
Processor TI AM6528 GP Processor TI AM6548 HS

In summary, IOT2050 basic has 1GB RAM, Dual Core processor, and no onboard storage, and no analog input. It also does not come with any pre-installed OS, which may not be such a big deal for most users as you can install a Siemens provided standard sample image (at no cost) or any supported version of Linux (e.g., Debian). The IOT2050 advance has a more powerful TI processor with four cores, boasts 2GB RAM, and 16GB eMMC onboard storage. This one comes pre-installed with Siemens Industrial OS, which is a hardened version of Debian Linux. One key difference - apart from the processing, RAM etc. - is that Advance version allows 6 analog inputs. So if you are just trying to explore using IOT2050 for connecting your devices to push data to the cloud, start with IOT2050 basic ( Siemens part number 6ES7647-0BA00-0YA2). If you plan to run an edge OS on it to enable it to talk to a bunch of devices on your factory floor, such as Litmus or Siemens MindConnect, consider getting IOT2050 Advance (Siemens part number 6ES7647-0BA00-1YA2). Good luck edging!